Quick Full Body Workouts

I hate spending more than an hour at the gym. I’m a fan of short breaks between sets to speed things up.. mostly so I can go home and eat. Ha!

Here is an example of a full body workout that is great for summer days when you’d much rather be outside, as well as a short circuit workout that only takes 10 minutes!

Warmup: 10 min of your choice of cardio. Treadmill, stair master, etc. Light stretching before you begin lifting weights.

Legs: Lets tackle the hardest part of the workout first. Deep, wide leg squats with a comfortable weight, super set with walking 10-15 walking lunges.

Chest: Dumbbell flys on a flat bench with a lighter weight to focus on feeling the stretch in your chest, followed by 8-10 pushups from your knees or toes – whatever is more comfortable for you.

Back: Bent over barbell row. 3 x 15

Arms: Bicep curls with dumbbells directly followed by tricep dips on a bench or chair. For the curls, choose a weight you can do 10-15 reps with, with the last 3-5 reps feeling challenging.

Abs: Anything from standard sit ups to using a fancy ab machine at the gym, up to you! Do 3 sets of 20.

STRETCH your entire body after this workout, drink lots of water, and have some protein!

Below is a 10 minute circuit that can be done at home or the gym when you’re in a pinch!

10 min circuit

1 min plank
1 min lunges
1 min squats
30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds burpees
1 min plank
1 min pushups
2 min squats
1 min stretching

Have fun & be safe!

– Brynn’

(Featured photo credit:http://www.romanohouse.it/fitness.php)


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