Healthy Travel Snacks

There is nothing worse than airplane food.

Microwaved and salty are a few things that come to mind.

As I head to Toronto for a mini-vacation, I thought I would share some of the food I travel with to ensure I have an enjoyable flight – and stay hydrated! Packing your own healthy snacks also saves money, and work great if you’re traveling with children.

I personally get very motion sick on anything that moves, and because of this I avoid drinking a lot of fluids and prefer to stay hydrated by eating certain foods.

I try to make sure all of the snacks I bring will last the duration of the flight without browning, or getting soggy..etc.

Here are some easy to pack travel snacks:

Banana and prunes

Fresh raw veggies & hummus (the single serving packs from Costco are very portable)

Clementines (so juicy and refreshing!)

Crackers, cheese and apple slices

Dry high fiber cereal

Celery sticks topped with cream cheese

Dried mango and cranberries

Boiled egg and asparagus (for longer flights)

Quinoa or couscous salads – add whatever you want!

Safe travels!

– Brynn


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