Steamed Clams or Mussels Recipe

Over the recent long weekend, I ate approximately 6 pounds of clams and mussels.

I seriously can’t. get. enough.

When we noticed people digging for clams at the beach last week, it left us realizing we hadn’t done the same since we were kids and wondering why the heck not!

If you’re heading out to go digging, make sure to bring a bucket or container that is easy to carry, as well as a small shovel.

Digging for clams requires more technique than you would think. The shells break very easily, so make sure you don’t knock them with the shovel, poke them too hard with your hands, or in our case, have your dog help.

Once you get home with your pile of ocean grub, make sure to rinse or let the shells soak for a while to get rid of unwanted sand.

Fresh steamed clams or mussels dipped in garlic butter make for the perfect appetizer or summer snack on a patio, and this recipe seems to work best.

What you need:

2lbs fresh mussels or clams (You can dig them yourself or pick up at local grocery store)

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

1/2 cup chopped green onion and/or chives

Salt and pepper

A splash of white wine (optional)

Cooking instructions:

Add a couple inches of water and wine to your big pot and bring to a boil.

(Some say it’s best to boil fresh mussels and clams in salt water, so if you have access to the ocean I recommend grabbing a pot full,)

Add all of the ingredients to boiling water, including mussels and clams.

Boil until the shells open, which usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Clams typically take longer to cook than mussels, but I wouldn’t worry about over cooking the mussels as a result because they pretty much taste great no matter what.

Once everything is cooked thoroughly, serve hot in a pot with garlic butter for dipping.IMG_8493


– Brynn


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