All The Grilled Cheese

Sometimes I don’t know what to have for lunch, then I remember that grilled cheese sandwiches exist and get really excited.

I pretty much look for any excuse to melt cheese between buttery, hot bread.

My go-to is a classic grilled cheese with ketchup for dipping, but I’ve since become more creative from consuming these bad boyz on a daily basis.

The options for grilled cheese sandwich combos really are endless, but here are some of my favorites:

Tomato, Cheddar & Parm:
Nothing better than a tomato from your garden topped with melted cheese. When making this, be sure to put a layer of cheese against the bread, the tomato in the middle, and more cheese on top, to prevent the bread getting soggy from the tomato.

Sweet & Spicy Brie & Peach:
Click the following link for one of the best sandwiches you’ll ever eat in your life.

Bacon & Tomato:
Pretty straight forward and amazing. Slide some crisp bacon between the cheese and tomato.

Triple Cheese:
“Too much cheese!” – said no one ever.

Apple & Cheddar:
Thinly sliced apples & cheddar cheese melted on bread.. mmm..mmm..mmm.

Pesto & Mozza:
If you grow basil, you know there is nothing better than homemade pesto. Store bought will also do the trick. Spread pesto on bread, top with mozza & grill!

BBQ Chicken & Monterey Jack:
Franks Red Hot Kickin’ BBQ sauce is a personal fav, spread on bread and top with monterey jack cheese. This sandwich will not fail to impress and pairs well with a nice cold beer.

Arugula And Ham Grilled Cheese:
Adding arugula to the mix it makes it healthy right? 😉


  • Brynn 🙂

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